"Glass is movement, where one idea originates the next one"


Andriy Petrovski - art glass, stained glass, paintingsAndriy Petrovski is a representative of the young generation of artists of the Lviv school of art glass of 1990-2008. Mainly the artistic interest of the artist revolves around the theme of ancient art that he has been developing in an author series of glass works „The glass Odyssey”. The main role in the program of his activities is played by experimenting with materials. He works in the technique of gutta glass; his talent finds a free expression in its blowing. He is interested in new methods of modelling of ornamental plates and dishes forms and glass sculpture. Particular attention is paid to decorating glass forms with oxides.
These are specifically the decorative effects produced by the interworking of glass and metal that give his collection of vases, amphorae, goblets and sculptures their originality and special ancient looks. The character of Andriy Petrovski’s works is particularly dynamic and fully corresponds to the artistic motto of the artist – “Glass is movement, where one idea originates the next one”.

Maryana Chyzh, art critic (Ukraine, Lviv)